Horary Astrology Step by Step

Horary Astrology Step by Step

The book on handeling a horary chart; step by step.

Horary Astrology step-by-step. In this, his second book for students, Petros Eleftheriadis aims for clarity and practicality; his goal since the beginning of his astrology studies has been to become a good astrology practitioner, not an astrology scholar, and with 'Horary Astrology Step by Step', he achieves just that.

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About the Book

Horary Astrology Step by Step. This book is a step by step guide to handling a horary chart. All the basic elements of theory are presented, but the focus is firmly on what the student absolutely needs to know and understand rather than any deviation into the history and philosophy of the practice.

Series: Petros Eleftheriadis, Book 2
Genre: Traditional astrology
Publisher: Wessex astrologer
Publication Year: 2021
ISBN: 1910531537
About the Author
P. Eleftheriadis

I was born in Greece, in Thessaloniki, where I still live and work. I have a background in Law and French, as well as psychological and traditional astrology.

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