Horary Astrology Re-Examined

Horary Astrology Re-Examined

Horary Astrology Re-examinend is the most up to date and complete academic treatise on astrology in general and horary astrology specifcly.

Horary Astrology Re-examined is both a reference work and a casebook. More than fifty questions are asked and systematically discussed and assessed on the basis of horary horoscopes. In addition, all the foundations of astrology and horary astrology are discussed and explained on the basis of the classical works of, among others; Ptolemy, Al Biruni, Masha'allah, Abu Ma'har, and many more.

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About the Book

Horary Astrology Re-examined is a detailed and highly informative book, demonstrating clearly and unambiguously that traditional methods are applicable to all astrology. There is no division between different ‘branches’. Barbara Dunn examines the methods by which astrologers of the past evaluated planetary strengths in order to make a judgement on a Question, Nativity, Election or any other type of chart. These evaluations provide a platform for judgement today, in just the same way as they did over a thousand years ago. For all charts, the process of evaluation is broadly the same, what Coley calls the “short comprehensive and approved rules of Art”. The focus of this work is Questions and the aim practical rather than philosophical. Horary Astrology Re-examined is a comprehensive reference work, as well as a casebook, giving judgement on over fifty Questions. Ptolemy, Al Biruni, Masha’allah, Abu Ma’shar, Abu ‘Ali Al Khayyat, Bonatti, Dariot and William Lilly are just some of the authors referred to. Where there are doubts arising through a poor translation, an unsympathetic translator or other factors, Ms Dunn provides clarification. Instead of seeking to change or modify the tools and techniques handed down by our ancestors, or denying that astrology is about prediction, Horary Astrology Re-examined offers confirmation that astrologers need to “come to grips with their history, complex as it is.. like an isolated ethnic group, they need the courage of their identity in a hostile world.”[Kitson]

Series: Dr. Barbara Dunn
Genres: Astrology, Traditional astrology
Publisher: The Wessex Astrologer
Publication Year: 2009
ASIN: 1902405358
ISBN: 1902405358
About the Author
Dr. B. Dunn

I was formerly an undergraduate and postgraduate at the London School of Economics, awarded a scholarship from the Social Science Research Council. I subsequently undertook independent research into classical, Arabic and mediaeval astrological knowledge/practice, whilst pursuing a career as a freelance astrological consultant/columnist for UK/European publications, such as the Sunday Mirror, Woman’s Own and Cosmopolitan. I received the Diploma from the Faculty of Astrological Studies in 1988 and the Qualifying Horary Practitioner in 1990. I was later appointed QHP Head Tutor, teaching and mentoring students world-wide. Olivia Barclay bequeathed the QHP to me in 2001.

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